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Information about MJPye.org.uk and the computer used here

MJPye.org.uk is part of the MJPye Network run by Matthew James Pye from Worcestershire, UK.

The MJPye Network currently has several working Acorn computers. This includes four RiscPCs (three with StrongARM prcoessors). There is also an A5000, two A3020s, an A3010 and an A3000. As well as these RISC OS machines, there are also 4 BBC Masters, and a BBC model B.

The StrongARM RiscPC I am currently using the most (Part code SRP40) has a 233MHz StrongARM (revS), 128MB RAM + 2MB VRAM, a 5x86 PC Card (ACA57), Fujitsu MPB3021ATU (2GB) Hard Disk, Sony CDU611 CDROM drive and i-cubed EtherLAN 600 Combo NIC. It is running RISC OS 4.02.

I also have a Castle StrongARM RiscPC which has as 233MHz StrongARM (revT), 160MB RAM + 2MB VRAM, Viewfinder Graphics Card (ATI Xpert2000Pro 32MB), UNIpod, Quantum Fireball (4GB) Hard Disk, MSI MS-8352M CD-RW drive, Seagate ST320014A (20GB) Hard Disk, i-cubed EtherLAN 600v2 (AEH78) Combo NIC, RISC OS 4.39.

The RiscPC 600 has a StrongArm 200MHz processor, 64MB RAM + 2MB VRAM, 810MB IDE HardDisc, Sony IDE CD-ROM, a Power-tec SCSI card, 2GB external Conner SCSI HardDisc, i-cubed combo NIC, HCCS Vision 24 digitiser (removed), Mozart 16 bit sound upgrade and a second slice. It is running RISC OS 4.02. It also has a 486DX 100MHz PC card (ACA56) in it, which is running Windows 95. I did have a SCSI Mustek scanner, but this recently died.

The RiscPC 700 has an ARM 710 processor, 32MB RAM + 2MB VRAM, 400MB IDE HardDisc, 4speed IDE CDROM, Cumana SCSI card and an i-cubed combo NIC. The computer also have an x86 PC card in it, which was running Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 until I removed the hard disk that contained them.

The A5000 has 4MB RAM, RISC OS 3.11, 81MB Hard disk, Castle SCSI card, i-cubed combo NIC, Watford hand scanner podule, Aleph1 PC 386/486 card, SCSI CDROM and SCSI MCD (Multimedia Cartridge Drive).

You can contact me via e-mail to me@mjpye.net

Last Updated : 29 April 2011
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