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Background -- physical cabling

This document covers networking Acorn RISC OS computers, primarily for file and printer sharing via Acorn Access+ via Ethernet. As far as most readers need to be concerned there are 2 flavours of Ethernet cabling - 10base2 and 10baseT.



Which cabling method you choose is fairly arbitrary, but I'd always suggest that new users go with 10baseT, and a minihub (ranging from around £25) as the physical setup is generally easier, more flexible and easier to fault-find. You can actually use 10baseT cabling without a hub, if you just want two machines connected, but that setup has it's own set of gotcha's and I refer the reader to the aforementioned FAQ for further details.

Some people may also have cards with a multi-pin "D" connector marked "10base5". This is an AUI connector for attaching a media converter -- only very old cards have this, and the media converter usually ends up connecting to 10base2 or 10baseT.


This page was written by Ian Jeffray and hosted on his website until 2002, it is now available here with permission
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