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Background -- TCP/IP and Acorn Access

Most people set up an Acorn home network for one of two reasons: Both of these things are supported by Acorn's own software, and additionally by some 3rd party applications. When you buy a DCI-4 ethernet card, you usually get the option of having Acorn Access in the podule's ROM. This is Acorn's Disc and Printer sharing system. Fortunately, Acorn have also decided to release this to everyone in the form of the New !Boot application. Since this is well proliferated now (eg Acorn User CDs) and has a whole host of other benefits for your machine, I'll make a big assumption that you're using this from now on. If you've got a good reason not to, or you've got a discless machine to connect, mail me and I'll write some more details about that.

Acorn Access, at a basic level, is trivial to set up. You load the modules (or they're loaded automatically from your ethernet card at bootup) and that's about all there is to it. The software can assign it's own settings and locate other computers on the network all by itself. So why this document? Because if you want to do full tcp/ip networking, you have to change these settings and carefully set up the network software yourself. You need to know some basic details of TCP/IP networks:

With all this background information now understood, we can begin to set up our home network!


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